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Refundos, Estou A Caminho, Só Parei Para…

Estou A Caminho, Só Parei Para…

Shopper, Refundos

"I’m on my way, just stopping by to..." is an evolving campaign that interacts with Estação Parede daily commuters.

The Insight

Train stations in people daily commutes are places of passage used to go to their various destinations. They are not often places we visit for reasons further than to take us where we want to go, often in a routine-like manner.

The Idea

“I"m on my way, just stopping by to...", a fun and inspirational campaign that reminds commuters of the various things they can do before continuing their daily journey.

With this, the train station became part of the various paths that people follow, speaking through Speech Bubbles, constantly adapting throughout the year.


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