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MyChange/EDP, Ao Ritmo Da ProduÇÃo

Ao Ritmo Da ProduÇÃo

Content Production, MyChange/EDP

"At the Rhythm of Production", is a musical integrated within a behavioral management project, where the focus was to prime specific values and behaviours according to the internationalization strategy of the EDP organization. How could we connect and align an entire organization branch in a compelling way?

The Insight

Music is one of the most basic forms of expression to tell a story. It has an effect of disinhibition, engaging and expressive in its form, to all participants.

The Idea

A musical was created. Challenging all of EDP Production hierarchy into going out of their comfort zones, management and employees alike were involved in the creation of a musical movie, encompassing 10 EDP values such as "Teamwork" and "Desire to Succeed". They chose their musical themes and co-wrote the scripts, casting themselves as actors and singers.

Lisa was responsible for the creative idea, accompanying the project and providing creative direction within all steps of the journey, script to finish, as well as enabling production and execution of the concept.


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