Hello Handsome


What's your muse?

Lisa is a relational agency built on creative strategy. Its main focus is the great idea, as well as the enthusiasm that builds around them. An agency where there are no consumers or clients, rather people and their brands.

Who is she?

Lisa acquires her identity over the desire to grow as a genuine brand, human and relatable. Its four defining forms are part of our everyday muse, a creative ideal complete by all and any of us.

Always within us, it existed unformed in an imaginarium. In 2013 something unexpected happened, and Lisa Portugal Agency took form, purposed with creating the best possible work at the service of those who believe in creativity to save the world.

Lisa as an agency
The first impressions:

We are an independent agency. Proudly young, Lisa is a valuable asset to those who wish to establish themselves in an increasingly fast, intense and incomprehensible world.

Lisa strives to build relationships, as only from meaningful relations can the best possible work be created. This begins from a desire to connect - through the first exchange of words, a friendship, an attraction, an infatuation, love. This established bond is what truly becomes important to the people we wish to become involved with.

: Love story [noun] /lʌv
a strong feeling of affection.

: Fling [verb] flɪŋ/
a short, spontaneous relationship.
a short period of enjoyment or wild behaviour.

: One night stand [noun]
a sexual relationship lasting only one night.
a person with whom one has a one-night stand.

How does she work?

Everything begins with a deep understanding of the context. Lisa desires to know more. She involves herself with the product, the service, the brand and with the people. Only through this way can she assure the best possible work is created, answering the core of the issue as well as changing perceptions, behaviours and atitudes.

Agile, Lisa uses her flexibility within an ever-mutating market context. Tailored to the project, teams can be assigned without the risk of creative vices.

Taking it further than creativity, Lisa seeks to implement strategy within ideas. Throughout this process, both the good and bad are born, where only those integrating a strategic mindset will allow us to build true human affection.

Lisa is shaped by the people within.